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Grass Cutting: This is our specialty we base or cutting on a 7 to 10 day schedule and or mowers are set at the correct height and grass will be kept between 2 to 3 inches at all times our mowers blades are sharpened on a weekly basis to ensure that grass is cut correctly for a healthier lawn. We also offer vacation cuts for the out of town workers and travellers to come home to a perfectly manicured lawn

Trimming and Edging: We believe that your property is our reputation so not only do we precisely trim perimeter of all structures / walkways and concrete but will also use or edger to do all curbs and walkways to give the professional look that Mowbility takes pride in.
Clean up We will keep your property looking its best at all times and remove all grass clippings garbage and debris and will blow off all decks and concrete areas

Spring / Fall Clean Up: Give your property a healthy start at the beginning of the years growing season our spring cleanup will ensure your landscape is looking fresh and tidy and is primed for lush growth. When the cooler weather returns we will make sure your lawns and gardens are properly prepared for their dormant season with our fall clean up.

Fertilization Services:
A balanced fertilizer program includes four applications per season using a granular mixture delivered via broadcast spreader.
1st application – first two weeks May
2nd – first two weeks of June
3rd first two weeks of September
4th application after last cutting of season

In addition to being able to provide lawn care maintenance Mowbility is capable of providing you with any mulching / pruning / fertilizing or sod repair. Mowbility also offers commercial snow removal services.

Mowbility also offers other services such as core aeration, dethatching sod repair and more.

Please Contact US for prices and more information regarding these and other services we provide.


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